Love works like this.

We meet.
We get on.
We meet again.
We share ideas.
We get excited.
We listen to what you need.
We figure out some chemistry stuff.
We catch feelings.
We make something sweet together.
A commercial, a music video, a content piece, even a film.
Whatever it is, it’s beautiful. Really beautiful.
And then we do it again. And again.
Because when Love works,
it makes everything better.

Love Dani

Her work is simultaneously nuanced and noticeable. Characterized by stand-out singular moments, an unrivalled knack for casting, obsessive attention to detail and breath-taking cinematography, Dani Hynes’ spots create layers of emotions that reach deep into the hearts and eyes of audiences. Renowned for her ability to work with anyone from her own son to Trevor Noah, Dani prizes authenticity and human truth above all else. Her wonderful combination of narrative candor and cinematic ease has become something of a trademark. Her diverse reel stretches effortlessly across a global roster of high-end brands. She does whatever it takes to bring a script to life. As an award-winning ex-agency creative director, Dani remains devoted to the power of the idea. Her wide range of skills should never detract from her singular focus – creating spots that reward over and over again.

Love Robin

Born in the dusty town of Mahikeng, Robin found his love of Urban subculture, fashion and music when he studied Fine Arts at the University of the Witwatersrand. Soon his love for thought provoking narratives led him to wander casually towards film.

Today his inimitable talents make him a triple threat. A master of collaborative working, Robin has already written, directed and creative directed campaigns for some very impressive local and global brands. Maybelline New York, Microsoft, Halls, JET, Mars Petcare, Cadburys, The Joburg Film Festival, African Bank and The South African Music Awards; to name drop
a few.

A huge fan of travel, Robin has often found himself working across Africa, Europe and the East on both commercial and long form projects.

When you meet him you will see how he gets all of this done and still has the time to complete a Master’s in Film. His energy, charisma and enthusiasm is infectious.

Oh and PS he focused his Masters research on “dissecting the misfit archetype within post-colonial South African cinema”. Yup, we were also impressed! But like we said, he doesn’t slow down. So apart from all this, he has also turned his focus onto some pretty incredible personal projects. A cine-documentary, a Bonnie and Clyde inspired film and several other ideas in script form that he continues to play with.

Despite his already impressive reel, Robin remains committed to developing and showcasing the new African film canon to the world. And we love that (and so many other really cool things ) about him.

Love Biko

Growing up in Berlin’s Schöneberg neighborhood Biko dreamed of working in film and photography from the age of 9. Turning his lens to show us his uniquely modern view from within the inner city was a matter of time. In between boogie galleries, pimp cafe’s and the pride district Biko saw it all coming together in Schöneberg.

Raised by a German Namibian mother and a South African Zulu father, his art today reflects a very real and honest perspective on our society. Hardly surprising when you hear his story. The film bug bit after his very first experience on a Johannesburg set at 17. An extended trip through South America and a move back to Berlin later, he was anxious to get going. So, he promptly opened a production company called Cafoni while still studying Film Studies for Advertising. As you do. Cafoni soon became renowned for their trademark fresh content and their presence at numerous festivals. Makes sense, he is after all, a man obsessed with culture and portraying it artfully. He highlights and embraces the beauty of his subjects’ imperfections and their divinity with ease. He is also a genuinely lovely human, so that is cool.

Biko is here with us from Berlin until September. For now. Then we will see, hehehehe. He is looking for projects and opportunities to contribute to our society through his perspective, passion and love.

He does everything, but he is currently in the market for commercials. His style, should you still need convincing, is best described as “an innovative mash up of contemporary sensibility and an undeniable love of portraying communities with grace, dignity and diversity.”

Yes, we LOVE his approach, and so will you.

Love Christian

When you meet the incredibly kind and thoughtful Christian, you might be surprised to find out that his heart truly lies in the drastically underrated realm of horror . With a deft hand in so many genres, you may not even come to know that about him right away. He has produced a wealth of successful work in a variety of formats, including comedy, documentaries, and even some impressive commercial projects for major companies and clients.

While horror is ultimately Christian’s greatest passion, he has also managed to find time to produce and self-fund short film projects that have garnered thousands of views online. Additionally, he has developed a 22-minute short for the highly prestigious Silwerskerm Film Festival and has directed work for Mzansi Magic, VIA, and KykNET. He has written two feature films slated for release in 2023 and has also content produced for premium reality series, including “The Ultimatum SA” (Netflix) and “My Kitchen Rules SA” (MNet).

Christian’s attention to detail and ongoing growth have led to an armful of impressive awards, including the First Prize at the Looking China Youth Film Project. The only thing scary about this incredible filmmaker (and human) is his unending passion for creating interesting work that moves and excites people. So give us a call today and see how he can bring your commercial to life. You won’t be sorry. We Love the way he can evoke genuine emotions and draw out performances that will leave your eyes and mouth watering, and we believe you will too.


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